Dr. Robert Palmer, DDS
223 South 700 East Suite 3
Salt Lake City, UT 84102
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Dr. Robert Palmer, DDS

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I recently moved to Salt Lake City and was looking for a dentist close to where I live. I found Dr. Palmer's office and called right away. They were able to accommodate me the same day. Upon entering the office, I was impressed by how clean and nice it is. The receptionist was very welcoming. Dr. Palmer and his assistant were fantastic. They did a great job on my cleaning and made sure the whole time that I was comfortable.


J. Morales



Over the years I developed a problem of grinding my teeth, which eventually led to serious damage. Dr. Palmer researched my case and found a solution, which will take place over the next few months. The work performed so far has already left me with a nice smile, and it fits my budget. I'm very grateful to be getting a normal bite again, and for the efforts of both Dr. Palmer and his great staff for the beautiful dental work, and in helping deal with the insurance company.


E. Cobb, Salt Lake City



As someone who moves around a lot I have the opportunity to experience multiple dentists. This allows me to compare and contrast what makes a great dentist visit....(some) things that contributed to a good experience with doctor Palmer and his team was the professionalism on the phone, effective scheduling/ not having to wait, clean office and decor, friendly staff, good prices, and there was no discomfort when having a cavity filled. To top it all off a day after the appointment I received a thank you letter with hand writing on it. Cant say that about any of the doctors I have been to





Dr. Palmer took over for my old dentist's (Dr. Todd) patients sometime in 2012. I had been going to Dr. Todd since I moved to Salt Lake in 2000. I was hesitant to call after I received his retirement letter introducing his selected replacement: Dr. Robert Palmer. When I finally made an appointment I was pleasantly surprised: -His assistant gave me the BEST cleaning I've ever had. -He has some cool new equipment that took photo's of my mouth. -He PERSONALLY called me on a Saturday afternoon to check on me after a few cavities were filled. -He provided a completely painless experience sans laughing gas. -His small talk was funny and informative, mindful to not ask questions that would require an awkward attempt to answer while he was working on me. -Last, but certainly not least, his staff is very personable.


R. Whitaker



I came to Dr. Palmer just weeks after my old dentist retired with a major dental emergency. My front tooth had completely broken and I was so nervous about going to a dentist I had never met. I couldn't be happier by the way I was treated by Dr. Palmer and his staff. I am forever grateful by their willingness to get me in on such short notice and by how Dr. Palmer went out of his way to help me in every way possible. Not only is he the kindest, most caring dentist you will ever find, but his level of expertise and quality of work is top notch.


Kamille, Salt Lake City, UT


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