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Restore Your Smile with CEREC Bridges

No more avoiding those favorite foods anymore! Get the best smile you can with Bridges at SLC Dental

We are your resource when it comes to your oral health, and that goes doubly when you seek to restore your damaged teeth with our precision-crafted CEREC Bridges that are designed to restore your teeth’s original function. Say goodbye to your dental pain or embarrassment and hello to eating with confidence.

Our dental bridges are meticulously crafted to match your natural teeth perfectly. They restore not only confidence in your chewing ability  but also revive the functionality you had previous to your damaged teeth. Our advanced materials from our on-site lab ensures long-lasting durability, and our precise fitting minimizes any discomfort experienced. 

With us, you’re not just getting a dental bridge; you’re getting a restored ability to eating that lasts you a lifetime!

Precise CEREC Bridges on the Same Day?

The technology for quickly-made crowns and bridges, known as CEREC has revolutionized restorative dentistry since 1985. The computer-aided technology in our on-site lab provides an unmatched combination of single-visit teeth restoration with excellent quality. That’s right! Same-Day Bridges with no hesitation using the digital technology of an intraoral scanner, allows us to create precision impressions of your mouth without the need for messy dental materials. Here’s what you can get with the Same-Day Bridges Option:

  • Eliminates the need for a temporary measures, spacers, etc.

  • Gum-friendly, high-grade ceramic material

  • One office visit in as little as three hours, start to finish

  • CEREC color shades blend seamlessly with natural teeth

Same-Day Bridges are revolutionary!

Bridges differ from crowns because they replace a series of missing teeth. Depending on the number of missing teeth, each bridge uses one or more adjacent teeth as support. In our lab, as with crowns, our CEREC technology enables us to offer high-quality dental bridges in just one day. Eliminating the drawn out process you get at other offices. Maintaining that great smile of yours, and restoring your teeth’s functionality without shifting things around.

Access to our CEREC same-day dental technology has revolutionized the field of restorative dentistry for our patients. Offering a convenient and efficient solution for dental crowns, and bridges. With its advanced digital imaging, computer-aided design, and in-office milling capabilities, CEREC at our Salt Lake City dental office eliminates the need for multiple dental visits and temporary restorations.

Don’t miss out on regaining your smile’s glory. Act now and schedule your appointment and experience the transformative power of SLC Dental’s CEREC Bridges today!

SLC Dental Same-Day Capabilities

The CEREC Technology Restorative Process

Our Process

Our doctors will examine the affected tooth or teeth to determine if a crown or bridge is necessary. If so, any decay or damaged areas are removed, and the tooth is prepared to accommodate the crown.

Instead of traditional dental impressions, a small camera can capture highly detailed digital images of the tooth. The camera, often called an intraoral scanner, moves around the tooth to create a 3D model on the computer screen.

The digital impressions help us design the crown or bridge using specialized computer software. Our expert lab technicians will customize the shape, size, and color to match your natural teeth and fit your bite.

Once we complete the design, we’ll send the specifications to an on-site milling machine. The milling machine crafts the restoration from a solid block of ceramic material, precisely following the digital design. This process usually takes around 15-20 minutes.

After milling, our doctors will check the fit and aesthetics of the restoration. Any necessary adjustments, such as polishing or staining, will ensure a natural appearance and comfortable fit.

The new Crown or Bridge will bond the restoration directly to your prepped tooth or dental implant. The crown is carefully placed, ensuring a secure fit. The bonding process involves using dental cement and a curing light to harden the material.

Frequently Asked Questions

CEREC technology can be used for a range of dental restorations, including crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays. However, there may be some cases where traditional lab-fabricated restorations are more suitable, depending on the complexity of the case. Your dentist will evaluate your specific situation and determine the best approach.

CEREC restorations can last for many years with proper care and oral hygiene. Maintaining good dental hygiene practices, such as regular brushing, flossing, and dental checkups, will help extend the lifespan of your CEREC restorations.

Insurance coverage for CEREC restorations can vary depending on your dental insurance plan. It’s recommended to check with your insurance provider to determine the extent of coverage for same-day dental restorations. Financing is also available.

Yes, CEREC restorations are designed to be durable and long-lasting. The high-quality ceramic materials and precise digital technology ensure excellent fit, strength, and aesthetics. The traditional types of materials cannot hold up to this newest technology.

Any other questions on Insurance or Financing Options, please contact us at 


I’ve been a patient for Dr. Palmer for over 5 years. He is fantastic and really cares about the patients oral health. He is the best, I drive 3”20 min to see him. The staff is amazing and very friendly, they get you in and out very quickly…. you are not waiting long hours to see the dentist. Dr. Palmer is very professional and honest and gives you options regardless of the money he could make. I would recommend Dr. Palmer and his staff to anyone.

Josh B.

Dr Palmer and his staff are awesome! I’ve been dealing with some broken teeth/dental work that failed for a couple years now and this weekend the pain just became unmanageable.  Not only was I able to contact him over the weekend for rx/advice on what to do, but he saw me first thing this morning (unscheduled) and did some extractions in between patients.  It’s not often providers are flexible to do something so significant outside their scheduled appointments, but he made it happen!  I’m eternally grateful!

Lisa O.

Both Dr. Palmer and Dr. Allred are wonderful dentists! I have been seeing Dr. Palmer for a few years, and enjoy his high quality care, and efficient appointments. He is friendly without a bunch of small talk. When my wife needed some of her gum lasered off, he thoughtfully noted that she should wait until after her pregnancy because of the numbing agent. She didn’t even need to ask! When it came time to do the work, she was concerned that it was going to be Dr. Allred, who she’d never met. He was just as terrific as Dr. Palmer at the consultation, and a great sport about her nerves during the procedure!

Sam E.

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Has tooth damage taken its toll? Stop Hiding Your Smile and Learn How Dental Bridges can breathe new life into your damaged teeth, giving you a reason to smile again.

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