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Cavities are one of the most common dental issues affecting people of all ages. If left untreated, they’ll continue to decay and damage the teeth. Fortunately, cavities can be effectively treated and repaired through dental fillings

Leading Salt Lake City dentist Dr. Robert Palmer of SLC Dental provides high-quality, natural-looking composite resin fillings to patients in the area. We’re happy to help patients create stunning smiles free of decay! Call (801) 355-6997 to explore our cavity-filling solutions today!

Benefits of Cavity Fillings

Getting a cavity filled as soon as possible provides many important benefits:

  • Stop Further Decay: Fillings prevent cavities from getting larger and damaging more of the tooth. The materials seal out bacteria and food, stopping the process of decay.
  • Relieve Pain: Deep cavities can cause toothaches, pain when eating or drinking cold/hot foods, and lingering discomfort. Fillings stop these sensations by removing decay and stabilizing the tooth.
  • Prevent Infection: Bacteria from cavities can seep inside the tooth and cause a dental abscess. Fillings block infection to keep teeth healthy.
  • Avoid Tooth Loss: As decay spreads, it can destroy the entire tooth structure. Fillings help save and strengthen teeth, so they don’t need extractions.
  • Improve Appearance: Fillings can be matched to the color of teeth to discreetly restore smiles. This fixes unsightly chips, cracks, and dark spots left by cavities.
  • Restore Function: Fillings allow patients to eat, drink, and bite down normally again. They replace the outer enamel layer of teeth.

Getting regular cavity fillings from Dr. Palmer at SLC Dental is an easy and effective way to maintain and protect oral health.

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patient with tooth pain

Candidates for Cavity Fillings

Cavity fillings are a safe and effective treatment for both children and adults. Candidates include:

  • Anyone with Tooth Decay: If your dentist has diagnosed a cavity, you likely need a filling to restore the tooth structure and function. Even small cavities should be filled.
  • Those with Tooth Pain: Hot/cold sensitivity, pressure, or throbbing could signal decay extending into the tooth’s inner layers. Fillings resolve this pain.
  • Patients with Bite Problems: Existing fillings that are cracked, broken, or concave can make it hard to chew. Replacement fillings can fix these issues.
  • People with Discolored Fillings: Old silver amalgam fillings can corrode and turn black. New tooth-colored composite fillings improve smiles.
  • Those Concerned About Cosmetics: Small gaps, chips, cracks, and stained spots left by cavities can be filled to boost a smile’s appearance.

It’s always a good idea to get evaluated by Dr. Palmer if you notice any symptoms of decay or are concerned about the state of an existing filling. This helps prevent more extensive damage.


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The Cavity Filling Procedure at SLC Dental


Dr. Palmer will first apply a topical anesthetic to the treatment area to keep you comfortable. After it takes effect, he’ll give an injection of local anesthetic near the site of the cavity. This will numb the tooth so you don’t feel pain during treatment.

Tooth Preparation

Your tooth will be isolated with a dental dam to keep the area clean. Dr. Palmer uses a dental drill to remove decay and shape the tooth for proper filling placement. He’ll remove all affected tooth structure before thoroughly cleaning the tooth.

Applying Bonding Agent

A conditioning liquid will prepare the tooth. This roughens the surface slightly so the filling material will properly bond and adhere to the natural tooth structure.

Filling Placement

Dr. Palmer uses special instruments to sculpt and pack the composite resin material into the cavity. He’ll shape and smooth the material until it matches the profile of the surrounding teeth. It’s then hardened using a curing light.

Finishing and Polishing

Fine tools smoothen the filling surface for a natural shape and glossy finish. We’ll check and adjust bite alignment with opposing teeth as needed.

The entire process typically takes less than an hour. With proper technique, composite resin fillings can last five to 10 years or longer before needing replacement. Contact SLC Dental at (801) 355-6997 to schedule your cavity filling today!

Caring for Cavity Fillings

While dental fillings don’t require special care, following simple guidelines will help them last as long as possible:

  • Brush Gently: Clean fillings daily with a soft-bristled brush and fluoride toothpaste. Avoid abrasive motions.
  • Floss Carefully: Gently floss once a day, taking care not to snap floss on the edges of fillings.
  • Watch Your Diet: Minimize sticky, sugary foods and acidic drinks that interact with fillings.
  • Avoid Chewing Ice and Hard Objects: Hard foods and forceful chewing motions can crack or break fillings.
  • See Dr. Palmer Regularly: Get professional cleanings every six months and ask your dentist to check existing fillings.
  • Don’t Neglect New Decay: See Dr. Palmer if you notice dark spots, sensitivity, or other signs of new cavities so we can fill them promptly.

Following good home care practices and seeing Dr. Palmer for dental checkups and professional cleanings help keep fillings intact. Be sure to contact our Salt Lake City dental office if you have any questions or concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you should not feel any pain during the procedure. The tooth will be numb from local anesthetics. You may feel slight pressure as the filling is placed, but there’s no discomfort.

Avoid sticky, hard foods and chewing on the new filling for the first 24 hours. The bond between the tooth and filling material takes time to fully set. After that, you can eat normally.

Even small cavities should be filled. They will continue to grow if not treated, potentially causing pain, infection, and tooth loss with time. Small cavities are easy to restore, so get them filled promptly.

Symptoms like tooth pain, sensitivity, or visible decay indicate a possible cavity. Your dentist can confirm if a filling is needed during an exam. They may also discover untreated decay from X-rays.

Take Control of Your Oral Health at SLC Dental

If you or a family member has a cavity that needs filling, Dr. Robert Palmer at SLC Dental provides prompt, gentle treatment using natural-looking composite resin materials. Contact our Salt Lake City dental office today at (801) 355-6997 to schedule an appointment. We can determine if a filling can restore your oral health, function, and smile!

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