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Superb Same-Day Solutions for Broken or Missing Teeth

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Beautify Your Smile with Modern Technology

Chipped teeth can impact your smile or bite, while cracks can affect the tooth root, nerves, blood vessels, and connective tissue. Typically, it takes multiple visits over a period of weeks to restore a tooth with a crown or bridge. SLC Family Dental offers same-day dental crowns and bridges in Salt Lake City, UT utilizing modern CEREC technology. Founder Dr. Robert Palmer has extensive training in CEREC, providing tooth restoration to hundreds of patients. Untreated damage can lead to a root canal, tooth loss, or infection-related complications. Our practice also offers emergency treatment, with the goal of saving the tooth if possible and alleviating pain. See how we can restore more than your smile in just one day.
At SLC Family Dental our dentist and dental team are skilled in these restorative treatments and have the artistic eye to provide aesthetically attractive outcomes, as well as returning function to your tooth. Your new restoration, made from porcelain or ceramic materials, will blend seamlessly with your existing teeth and be strong enough to bite and chew foods comfortably once again.

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Advantages of Same-Day CEREC Crowns

Developed originally in 1985, CEREC has revolutionized restorative dentistry with major refinements made over the last three decades. The computer-aided technology provides an unmatched combination of single-visit restoration with excellent quality. Digital technology with an intraoral scanner allows us to create precision impressions of your mouth without the need for messy dental materials used to make traditional molds. Other benefits of CEREC:

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Same-Day Bridges Restore Your Bite

Bridges differ from crowns because they replace missing teeth. Depending on the number of missing teeth, each bridge uses one or more adjacent teeth as support. As with crowns, our CEREC technology enables us to offer high-quality dental bridges in just one day. This is important because even a single missing tooth can lead to shifting of surrounding teeth, loss of oral function, and a severe lack of self-confidence. Same-day bridges provide the following benefits:

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Blending Clinical Excellence with Gentle Care

At SLC Family Dental, we understand how busy life can get and wish to make every dental experience as quick and painless as possible. Same-day crowns and bridges means you no longer have to schedule multiple visits to repair your smile. We make payment painless by partnering with numerous insurance companies and offering flexible financing options. Choosing CEREC crowns and bridges from our experienced team offers an excellent and gentle option that quickly restores your oral health with beautiful, long-lasting results.

Don’t let a chipped or broken tooth impact your life.

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